Enter Satoria is a sacred community brought to you by Christina Martine (www.christinamartine.com)

Do you:

- Realize you are an eternal being having a temporary human experience?
- Feel one with all of creation and do your best to treat everyone with kindness?
- Want to take full responsibility for your healing and rise into your true power?
- Crave to connect with your true self so you can create freely?
- Feel interested in magic, shamanism or astrology?
- Realize you’re a being of both darkness and light?
- Feel aware of alternate timelines or other realms of consciousness?
- Want to be a part of collective rise into the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Enlightenment?

A monthly membership includes:

Access to a social media community where you get to create a unique profile, add photos, videos and events, create groups, and interact with other Satorians. Yes, you get a wall and everything! Just like Facebook, only no personal information will ever be shared or sold to advertising companies! And great news, your profile can contain ANY name you like. Even better news? Enter Satoria is a space where only positive, supportive vibes are tolerated.

Access to Christina's monthly live Satsang, held every second Saturday of the month at 12pm Pacific Time. If you cannot make the live Satsang, the recording will be available to view. Paradigm-shifting innovators will often be a part of the monthly gathering!

What do the Satorians love most about Enter Satoria?

Featured testimonials

 When I’m on other social media platforms, it feels like being mindlessly sucked into a vortex of negativity. Endlessly scrolling through trite posts and cringe worthy vapidity. However on Enter Satoria I feel everyone is sharing meaningful ideas and inspirations. While there are various differing perspectives, you can still discover harmonious array of thoughts. Christina Martine conducts this choir of ascension. With her at the helm everyone shares their voice openly and safely. Like the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for” so don’t let the pay wall hinder you from joining. Most social media sites are free and that shows in the quality of the environment. This marvelous community isn’t led by a faceless corrupt corporation trying to sell your information while bombarding your psyche with advertisements. Instead it is led by an honorable woman I can trust implicitly."  

The MuscleDragon

Fayetteville, PA

 I found Christina Martine's channel on YouTube by accident and I was immediately drawn to her energy. The first video I watched from her was about soul mates and it moved me to tears. Yes, this is all so true, something inside me screamed. Her other videos resonated strongly with me as well so when an opportunity to join her Enter Satoria site presented, I didn't think about it twice. It's like a Facebook for lightworkers, only so much better than Facebook because it is filled with positivity and good emotions."  


Zagreb, Croatia

 "With other mainstream community websites I find I always refrain from sending particular videos/phrases/pictures as I think it might generate some criticism. Enter Satoria is a community website that opens its arms and heart to whatever creative offering I might want to give to the world and I feel more at home here. My heart opens up a little more every day here"  


Galway, Ireland

 "Enter Satoria is a great inclusive spiritual community with lots of people having a common goal; to empower and support each other. The open atmosphere in the community makes me feel safe to share what is on my mind and anything that I find helpful. It has a lot of features that you would expect from a social media site (private messages, chat, post videos, join groups and make discussions, add friends). The one thing though that makes it even more special is the Satsang section. The Satsang is a live monthly webinar that includes lots of helpful lectures, guided meditations, and a Q & A. That alone is worth more than the price of admission."  


Hamilton, Ontario

 "Enter Satoria is a great place to join up with like-minded individuals to share your thoughts, photos, artwork and anything else that is part of the ongoing enlightenment of the spiritual community ."  


Lake Elsinore, California

 "Enter Satoria is overflowing with positive vibes and is a great place to connect with a like-minded community where all dreams for the planet earth and individual spiritual growth become more achievable. The website is easy to use, filled with the highest energy, and immediately feels like it reconnects the user to source and an ancient gathering of magical individuals."  

 "I came to Enter Satoria in hopes of raising my vibration, little did I know I came to enter a higher dimension. The atmosphere alone is pure love. With one thing in mind, to grow all ways"  


Winnipeg, M.B.

 "I typically stay away from social media sites, I only have Instagram and YouTube, I barely, if at all use those accounts at the moment. I believe that Enter Satoria will grow into something really beautiful. It is a place for people to grow, expand, share and create their passion for spirituality, connect, learn, spread their message, passions and gifts and so much more. It's where we can come together, accept and dive deeper into reality itself. It's somewhere to learn and to teach. Christina has really put a lot of heart and soul into Enter Satoria and it shows. I believe it is definitely worth it if you are on the path of enlightenment. Her teachings and personality shine through and spreads positivity to all. The Satsangs are a beautiful addition to the website as it brings us together to connect and expand. Enter Satoria isn't just a website or social media account, it is a community. And this is just the beginning. Namaste!"  

Serena Moon

Toronto, ON

Prices are scheduled to increase for new members, so join now to lock in your permanent $11/month rate.